Monday, June 16, 2008

Women can't you see....

Unreal ideals reel in the minds of men
Creating Gods and original sins
And now as in days of old
Trying to deny the truth of the women
And their stories told
Taking away the Earth and the snake
Taking away your truth, making themselves great

Men will say and believe things
Without touching
Tearing things apart
Without feeling the heart

Religions and grand designs
Explanations laced with lies
Male laws, Male Gods
Male Saviors, Male Odds
You will see these men amongst you
Placing themselves above you
With their deeds and words
And insidious things unseen and unheard
Do they really listen or just make you think they've heard

I understand there must be balance
But we must go way back to the feminine essence
To say it's all the same, is just another game
Played in the laps of Gods and Men, one-in-the-same

This is not male bashing, but there are some that I am tracking
And as both male and female myself I can SEE something else
I am raising the bar so I can see where they are
Slipping and Sliding
They are in your midst
When you speak, listen how they answer this

Long live The Goddess
Long live The Priestess
Long live the way it was before all of this
Forget about the lies of recorded History
Rise and tell the truth of Herstory

And be careful of the ones who think that they are better than you
Textured male condescension twisting all that is true
Rise said Maya Angelou
Rise because she was talking to you

The wisdom of the Earth
The truth of our birth
Help us to see the beauty
Of this feminine Universe

And mostly thank you for choosing me to lead you back to thee......humbly...HZ

This was a poem written by Hanakia Zedek.....He was a very powerful force in my life and has reminded me of many things that have helped me on my journey back to me. I thank him and I honor his journey.

To me this poem says that women need to rise up and step into their power and be all they can be!!!
Let your power no longer be diminished by the roles you feel you must play. Vulnerability is your greatest strength. Your intuition your guiding light.

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