Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Guilty as charged

When is it OK to move on, to feel happy without the guilt?

Our choices do not always make everyone happy and sometimes they hurt the ones we love the most. When this happens are we allowed to feel happy about our choice without guilt for their pain?

I sit staring at the face of hope and feel its love, yet the pain of another tugs at my heart.

I smile at the future and embrace the love that it brings but cannot shake the guilt that I carry with me.

I face happiness, a surrendering to a new creation, a new life. Am I ready to let me?

Can I cut the ropes of guilt that bind me, the ties of the past that threaten to keep me in it?

At the dawn of my future, will I let the past set behind me?

Guilt, I ask you ...how do you serve me now and in your silence I know you never have and you never WILL!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jumbled mind approaching the 12th of the 12th!!

I have come to realize that time has just flown by and I have forgotten to write the many thoughts that occupy my jumbled mind, a practice that does seem to help make some sense of it all.
I find myself saying, I don't know a lot and have come to understand that this is because life is hectic and I am trying to juggle work and a hectic holiday schedule and then a 'crazy' mind. When doing all of this, I find it more challenging to go within and find some quiet time. Many things have manifest very quickly and still manage to take my breath away. I know the choices I have made will serve me well but I am still in emotional turmoil and am having a hard time figuring out who these emotions belong to and what to do with them all.
Is the world sad and in turmoil too?? Am I feeling things internally and globally??

This has been quite a year with many changes and some serious emotional challenges and I am looking forward to the end of the craziness. The new President promises change and the energies the planet is facing, promises change and my life is promising change, and part of me is not so sure it likes all this change but what the heck, I did manifest it didn't I?

A jumbled mind not knowing what it wants and what to think is not a good thing amidst all these shifts and changes. I am preparing myself for the 12th of the 12th and have decided to slow down for a few days and contemplate the next few months and what is it I wish to manifest.....one thing for sure....more clarity and control over my 'crazy' mind. I choose to experience a balance so that I can go within and slow all the turmoil down and figure out what is mine and what I must let go. I recommend taking the time in the next few days to look at your reality and figure out what it is you truly desire and use this powerful gateway of the 12th of the 12th, combined with the full moon energy and CREATE, CREATE!!!!!

A word of warning......this is a powerful time in our lives and we need to become clear about our intent and how we wish to move forward. You are a limitless being that can create many wonderful things and above all you have free choice, so choose wisely!!

Happy creating and HAPPY HOLIDAYS from one jumbled mind to another!!!