Friday, August 26, 2011

Buddha Maitreya Teaches about "Soul Therap"

Buddha Maitreya Teaches about "Soul Therapy"
Nepal, 2008  
"All of my life, I have worked in relationship to meditation, I have been meditating since I was a baby, I meditate all the time. I live in state of meditation. There is not anything I do or talk about that is not based on the reality and the effect of meditation. This is not normal for most people. Most people think meditation is something you do maybe one hour out of a day, maybe once a week in a temple, but I believe that we, as human beings, are born to meditate all the time, to have a clear open mind, to have clear emotions, to be in the moment, present in this very moment. Not thinking about the past, not worrying about the future but being so much present in the moment that the past heals itself and the future creates itself. And all we have to do is be present in the moment.  
"Meditation brings this about. It allows you to stop thinking in negative ways or desiring ways about how the future will be or how things should change or how you can control them. It allows God to bless the world, God to bless your daily life, God to use you as a vehicle for God to express. All meditation does is allow you to be humane, to be good by your own action, to use your will to be goodwill in action. To allow every moment and every word that you express in this world to be a meditative, thought-form building , loving, compassionate expression, allowing every aspect of your life to be transformed into the very love that you are learning and you are developing.  
"Through your daily meditation, you will find that it's your very nature, Buddha nature within, that will grow within you becoming more the compassionate person that you really are and developing those same healing abilities that you find in Saints, that you find in other people that you believe to be powerful and holy, are locked inside of you and able to express, able to heal other people and bless other people and change them in the process of their negativity.
"The binding of that darkness of their negativity is what the Soul heals. It redeems it, it does not judge it, it does not question as to how it got there. It simply radiates a light into it, transforms it from negative to positive, using the very energy of negativity to transform it into a positive reality but it requires meditation of the Soul. It requires realizing that every word and action that you take has to be something that is part of your compassionate God consciousness and allows that expression to incarnate into this world, incarnate into the children, into the building, into your business, into your activity in every area of the world.
"So all of this, all of your healing, you may be sick, you may have emotional problems, you may have all kinds of conditions in your life that bring about fear, a sense of tragedy, a sense of lack of wellbeing. But through meditation and the blessing of meditation allows this to slowly but surely be redeemed and to be released from your shoulders as though it's a personal problem and allows it to be passed on to God's Plan and let it be worked out as God's creation. So your entire life can be used as a tool for God to awaken God's realty into this world.  
"No human being is small person. No human being is soulless and negative and full of evil. Every human being is filled with potential light and potential ability to express God's complete consciousness in this world and bring about changes in the government, changes in your daily life, changes in your children that you think are completely impossible to change as though they are born this way. But I believe in rebirth and redemption and that every living Soul, every living thing, animals included, trees, vegetables, everything is included in the making of the Soul and its manifestation into the Soul of the planet."