Friday, June 6, 2008

The time is now...

Now is the time to look deep inside and to find forgiveness for self. To let go of all those judgements and to move in and on.
Now is the time to take responsibility for where you are in life for your own health and well being.
It is a lot harder for some to accept that they co-created the mess they may be in and that being healthy is not just physical but mental and emotional too.
Start looking at life from the inside out and not the outside in. This is how creation and manifestation works....from the inside out!

Mahatma Gandhi said "be the change you wish to see in the world" Now is the time!
It is impossible to have something on the outside if you do not have it on the inside first. If you seek peace find it within you first and the universal law works in your favor by resonating with it and bringing more to you. More power, energy, thoughts and feelings to full fill your wish.

Perfect health starts in the mind and in your emotional field. You are truly as healthy as you think and feel you are. Stop giving your power away. Start a new life, start feeling, really feeling and when necessary choose something different.
Only when we get in touch with those feelings deep inside do we get the opportunity to change them or change our perception of them. Change is not hard but it can be uncomfortable. It is like changing your cars' tire for the first time...not always a clean, easy job but once it is done, the car handles better and you feel great having accomplished that. (speaking from a womens point of view of course) A win win situation all round. And it started with the willingness to do so.

One step at a time. Take charge of your feelings, they are yours after all and you do have free choice about that. If you feel beaten down and without hope that is the eyes with which you will see everything.
I know from personal experience if I choose to look at life through the love in my heart I see love and beauty all around me.
Now is the time to look through your love and respect for self at the world around you.

I challenge you to love yourself unconditionally. To finally take is the time!

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