Monday, August 24, 2009

How do I progress?

Things progress......

Once we have accepted and chosen to love ourselves, we prove it to ourselves daily by making healthy, loving choices for ourselves.
We look at different ways in which we can heal the beliefs, pains etc in our own world. We start by being brutally honest with ourselves, by looking deep within ourselves. Sometimes doing this may be difficult but we need not do any of this alone. There are many trained and talented people out there that can help us.

Once we step on this journey, many doors open and many people and things enter our lives. The key is to stay open. To do so means to look deeper at things, without any preconceived ideas.
There are many different healing modalities and healthy things we can do for ourselves to assist in our healing. It has become very important for us to heal our emotional wounds and to examine the thoughts and beliefs that limit us or blocks us from moving into the abundant life we deserve.
If we feel we do not deserve good things or that life is hard and we are meant to suffer or struggle in any way, then we have a lot of self healing and searching to do, to discover where those belief systems stem from and how they serve us now.

Energy medicine is becoming more mainstream and there is a lot of research on how, what we think and believe affects our physical being and in turn our health. Energy medicine is a valuable tool in moving us through old patterns and for helping us love ourselves. If this is what you may need, the tool you may need, stay open to it.
Take responsibility for yourself, your health and your life. Realize that you may be in the exact position that you are in because of what your predominant thoughts and beliefs are and have been. You may be sick or alone or unemployed because of you, because of what you did or didn't do to help yourself get there. Once you take full responsibility for your life you have the power to change it and there will be many people and opportunities along the way to help you do so.
It is time for you to embrace all possibilities, to stay open to exactly what tools, healing and or people you might need to heal your life on every level.