Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Look within and ask, "Am I willing to change"

I love this Post by Louise Hay and in Honor of her life and all the valuable lessons and information I have learned from her, I wish to share this with you. It has made me look closely at myself and investigate deeply when I get triggered by someone...

RIP Louise Hay, we will miss you!

"Look for a moment at someone in your life who bothers you. Describe three things about this person that you don’t like, things that you want him or her to change. Now, look deeply inside of you and ask yourself, “Where am I like that, and when do I do the same things?” 

Close your eyes and give yourself the time to do this. Then ask yourself if YOU ARE WILLING TO CHANGE? 

When you remove these patterns, habits, and beliefs from your thinking and behavior, either the other person will change or he or she will leave your life. If you have a boss who is critical and impossible to please, look within. Either you do that on some level or you have a belief that “bosses are always critical and impossible to please.” If you have an employee who won’t obey or doesn’t follow through, look to see where you do that and clean it up. Firing someone is too easy; it doesn’t clear your pattern. If there is a co-worker who won’t cooperate and be part of the team, look to see how you could have attracted this. Where are you non-cooperative? 

If you have a friend who is undependable and lets you down, turn within. Where in your life are you undependable, and when do you let others down? Is that your belief? If you have a lover who is cold and seems unloving, look to see if there is a belief within you that came from watching your parents in your childhood that says, “Love is cold and undemonstrative.” If you have a spouse who is nagging and non-supportive, again look to your childhood beliefs. Did you have a parent who was nagging and non-supportive? Are you that way? If you have a child who has habits that irritate you, I will guarantee that they are your habits. Children learn only by imitating the adults around them. 

Clear it within you, and you’ll find that they change automatically. This is the only way to change others — change ourselves first. Change your patterns, and you will find that “they” are different, too. Blame is useless. Blaming only gives away our power. Keep your power. Without power, we cannot make changes. The helpless victim cannot see a way out. "

“If you think of the hardest thing for you to do and how much you resist it, then you’re looking at your greatest lesson at the moment.” 

                                                                    ~ Louise Hay
Louise's Signature 

Me, the abuser...

The cold hard truth hit me in the face like being dunked in a bath of icy cold water.
I am an abuser. I have looked back and done some deep healing work on the abuse I experienced as a child, teenager and young adult. The abuse perpetrated on me. It was painful and hard work. After patting myself on the back for how far I have come and how well I think I'm doing, I listened to a talk by Matt Kahn on ending inner conflict and I realized how abusive I am to my body. I am continuing to perpetrate the abuse...I am not the loving guide. My self talk is highly abusive and not endearing and uplifting at all.

If someone spoke to me like I speak to my body I would be jumping all over them for being mean and and in need of checking themselves. I certainly don't speak to those I love and respect that way I speak to my body. I don't point out all their flaws and call them fat or dimpled or flabby!

My body responded to the these words by Matt Kahn and a light bulb went off and the tears welled in my eyes....This body of mine has gone through so much in the past and is just wanting time to integrate and catch is caught in this dense third dimension, where things move much slower.
 I ask so much from it on a daily basis and if it does not respond as fast as I would like, I beat it up.
How can I expect it to be kind and loving to me when I am not kind and loving to it, in thought and deed.
Sure, I feed it nourishing and healthy foods, I exercise and get out in nature, all whilst leaving my toxic thoughts unchecked. I expect miracles from my body. It made me wonder how often I really listen and feel and truly respect my body...granted I do pay attention to my body but I think I'm in charge instead of my body actually being in charge. It is the one experiencing life and housing my consciousness, not the other way around. Makes me think of the words "You're a spiritual being having a human experience" In other body is here having the experience with my consciousness as the guide, the one who's supposed to know better, be more.
It's time for my guide to be tolerant and starts acting like the spiritual being it is and not a spoilt brat that isn't getting its way.
Another thought to ponder.....our guides and angels, if you believe in that, always treat us with loving kindness, respect and encouragement and thus we (our mind, our consciousness) must be the loving, encouraging guide to our bodies.

It is now my mission to come into alignment with my body, to use my mind as a loving guide and encourage and praise my body for all it does...It breathes, sweats, walks and moves and carries my consciousness through this world and all it wants is to experience life in all its beauty and glory, just as it is. I will make it my goal to fully 'embody'....(see what I did there) every experience meaning, body, mind and soul in alignment, as one. I think an even better idea is to let my heart and body lead the way and use my head just to store the experiences??

Listen to Matt Kahn...True Divine Nature... on YouTube...The end of Inner Conflict to better understand the depth of this message. (it is a long one but well worth it.)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Healthy eating and fractures.

Healthy Aging: Eating More Vegetables Helps to Prevent Fractures 

Increased vegetable intake, specifically cruciferous and allium vegetables were associated with a lower rate of hospitalization for fractures in women over 70.[1] Fractures in older populations can have detrimental impacts on the quality of life and may lead to depression and disability.[2] Treatment for, including hospitalizations fractures are also expensive to treat, exceeding $19 billion per year in the U.S.[2,3] It is estimated by the National Osteoporosis Foundation that after the age of 50, 4 in 10 women will experience a bone fracture and may take three years to fully recover.[2,3]
The relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and the rate of fracture that lead to hospitalization in older women has not been fully studied. A recent study by Lauren C. Blekkenhorst, et al., published in Nutrients in 2017 examined the relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and fracture rates in older women. The study included over 1400 women age 70 or greater and collected data over 14.5 years.
Results from this study determined that a diet higher in vegetables, but not fruits, reduced the rate of fracture. Furthermore, the researchers noted, the type of vegetable also affected fracture rate. Increased intake of cruciferous vegetables (brussel sprouts, broccoli, arugula, etc.) and allium vegetables (garlic, onion, leek, etc.) were inversely associated with fractures (HR 0.72 and 0.66 respectively).
Supporting bone health in postmenopausal women through diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices are an important first line of defense to increase quality of life and reduce health care costs.
Why is this Clinically Relevant?
  • A diet high in vegetables may reduce the risk for fractures in women over 70
  • Cruciferous and allium vegetables had the most significant impact on reducing fracture risk
  • Fruit consumption was not shown to reduce the risk of fractures
[1] Blekkenhorst L, Hodgson J, Lewis J, et al. Vegetable and Fruit Intake and Fracture-Related Hospitalisations: A Prospective Study of Older Women. Nutrients. 2017
[2]Colón-Emeric CS, Saag KG. Osteoporotic fractures in older adults. Best Practice & Research Clinical Rheumatology. 2006
[3] What is Osteoporosis and What Causes It? National Osteoporosis Foundation. Accessed June 23, 2017.
 2017 May 18;9(5). pii: E511. doi: 10.3390/nu9050511.

Vegetable and Fruit Intake and Fracture-Related Hospitalisations: A Prospective Study of Older Women.


The importance of vegetable and fruit intakes for the prevention of fracture in older women is not well understood. Few studies have explored vegetable and fruit intakes separately, or the associations of specific types of vegetables and fruits with fracture hospitalisations. The objective of this study was to examine the associations of vegetable and fruit intakes, separately, and specific types of vegetables and fruits with fracture-related hospitalisations in a prospective cohort of women aged ≥70 years. Vegetable and fruit intakes were assessed at baseline (1998) in 1468 women using a food frequency questionnaire. The incidence of fracture-related hospitalisations over 14.5 years of follow-up was determined using the Hospital Morbidity Data Collection, linked via the Western Australian Data Linkage System. Fractures were identified in 415 (28.3%) women, of which 158 (10.8%) were hip fractures. Higher intakes of vegetables, but not fruits, were associated with lower fracture incidence. In multivariable-adjusted models for vegetable types, cruciferous and allium vegetables were inversely associated with all fractures, with a hazard ratio (HR) (95% confidence interval) of 0.72 (0.54, 0.95) and 0.66 (0.49, 0.88), respectively, for the highest vs. lowest quartiles. Increasing vegetable intake, with an emphasis on cruciferous and allium vegetables, may prevent fractures in older postmenopausal women.


allium; bone; cruciferous; fracture; fruit; postmenopausal women; vegetables

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Low Vitamin D levels and chronic headaches...

We all know the importance of Vitamin D and now there are more and more research on the many connections it has to our health and wellness. Here is another great article regarding Vitamin D deficiency and the risk to chronic headaches....

Low Vitamin D Levels Increases the Risk for Chronic Headaches

Alan R. Jacobs, MD - August 03, 2017
Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland have published a study investigating the relationship between vitamin D status and the risk for frequent headache.[1]
They assessed 2601 men, aged 42-60 years in 1984-1989, from a population-based cohort derived from the Kuopio Ischemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study.
They made cross-sectional associations of self-reported frequent headache, defined as weekly or daily headaches and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels.
In those with frequent headache, the average serum vitamin D concentration was 38.3 nmol/L; while in those without frequent headache, the average vitamin D concentration was 43.9 nmol/L.
Those in the lowest serum vitamin D quartile had 113% higher odds for frequent headache compared with those in the highest quartile.
The authors concluded that low serum vitamin D concentrations are associated with a markedly higher risk for frequent headaches in men.
Reference:  1) Virtanen JK, Giniatullin R, Mäntyselkä P, et al. Low serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D is associated with higher risk of frequent headache in middle-aged and older men. Sci Rep. 2017;7:39697.

Arriving here....a healing journey

I open my eyes and I am shocked. I am shocked to see the expression on the face of one who is supposed to be excited for my arrival. I am shocked to see no love from the one who carried me. My tiny being does not comprehend all of this. All I feel is the lack of warmth, love and comfort. I feel cold and alone, so different than the space I came from, and I don't mean your womb!

I remember the trauma and then just as quickly it is gone, submerged deep into my psyche, to be expressed when least expected.  To be expressed in so many unnatural and unhealthy ways.

It didn't take you long to verbalize what I saw upon opening my eyes for the first time, upon drawing my first didn't want me. "you are an unwanted child", you said.
Who does that, who says that to an innocent child? I don't know why it shocked me, again. Why it shook me to the core, why it broke my heart. I was in your body, I felt your hate, your pain, your emptiness. I knew, didn't I?

So many years and so much healing brought me back to those moments, the moments of birth and re-birth.
I finally felt the love of the Universe surround me, reminding me of my perfection, reminding me that I am enough.  I felt the love of 'being' at the moment of my re-birth. Too many beautiful souls and too little good wombs to carry them, was what the healer told me. A statement that helped ease the moment and bring more peace and acceptance. A few words that explained a question haunting me about so much and so many.

I may never know why you didn't want me or want to love me. Why you saw me as a threat, as a presence that was taking something away from you, rather than as the bundle of love I was and am.
I may never know if this was truly all you felt because you left before we could heal this together.

What I do know is: I want me and that I love me.
Everyday I work at remembering and loving me more, loving unconditionally, and thus healing the wounds inflicted upon arrival. I work toward healing all our pain and emptiness, knowing that when I heal my wounds and expand my love and remember my perfection, I do it for all of us, including your energy here.