Monday, July 28, 2008


No matter whether you are a Buddhist or not, a spiritual practitioner or not, appreciation is very important. Appreciation is a great thing; you really need to have it. This is what I think from the heart. Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate. There is no real reason why you should not be happy, unless maybe there's too much complaining and not enough appreciation. ~
His Holiness the Twelfth Gyalwang Drukpa

Need I say more?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lifetimes in a life time

Isn't it interesting that as we go through our lives, we live many different lifetimes. An interesting thing happens when you come from a balanced state.

Every emotional phase I heal helps me grow. I have noticed that the closer I get to me the easier it becomes to manifest whatever I wish for in my life. This year as I approached another birthday and even now as I remember celebrating it, I must admit, fascination for the journey that brought me to this moment overwhelms me.

I remember my twenties but now it does feel like a lifetime away. I remember the me I was then and even she seems like a different person...I still have some of her qualities but I am so much more now. I have changed and grown and evolved and my life has been a series of gifts and lessons. It has offered me many opportunities to change and thankfully I have.

I feel the fear until I have built up enough courage or maybe it is that I am more afraid of what would be the outcome if I allowed fear to keep me captivated and locked in time.

As I review the decades of my life, I realize that I have lived many wonderful and some not so wonderful lifetimes already. Now as I am again embarking on another lifetime, I am grateful that I have once again defeated fear and accepted the magical unknown. I am on the brink of something wonderful and I am ready. My journey has brought me to love who I am and what I have to offer and appreciate all the wonderful moments and people that have helped me on my path.

It has taken many years to see and admit that even the not so wonderful years had their own special purpose. Their gifts now in fruition.

What a glorious time to be alive and how scary it can sometimes seem. There is this war against our darker and lighter sides and the earth is echoeing it. We must return to love and it all ends and starts in us.

This lifetime is about balance, living from the heart and honoring my boundaries and myself.

Which lifetime are you in and what choice do you choose to make to honor your growth?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where to?

Life with it's many twist and turn can be challenging and one does tend to wonder where we will end up?
Forrest Gump said "life is a box of chocolates" .....sweet, I can handle chocolates, maybe the hips can't but I certainly am willing to bite into that! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of bittersweet chocs and my taste buds are yearning for something more subtle.

Opening my heart has been a wonderful experience of how much change one can handle. If you are going to break the dam wall be ready for the flood, and a flood it has been. A flood of emotions long waiting to be set free and a host of wonderful opportunities to flow with life.

Perception is a strange thing and sometimes we need to shift it in order to get a clear picture of where we are and what to do next and I am happy to say that sometimes we need do NOTHING.......NO thing? These are but a few of the lessons I have encountered since opening my heart to me.

I know this post seems garbled yet again but I make no excuses for the mind just spitting out what it wants and this is my space to just try and make sense of it all. It also gives you a clear picture that sometimes I do not know either! I am figuring it out one day and one step at a time.

Where to now?? I am doing my best to stay open and receptive to all the good in the Universe and trusting that when it does seem bittersweet that I just need to shift my perception!!
The most important thing is for me to keep my heart open and top it up with the love that seems to come from everywhere and everyone.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Follow me

"do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

These words are inspirational but still I hesitate to move forward. I am trying not to be paralyzed by the uncertainty and the unknown. My excuse is that I do not wish to cause any pain to those I love but really is that a cop out? Am I not hurting myself by staying stagnant and am I not the one that I love too?

Follow me into the depth of the void and watch as we emerge forever changed, following our hearts and dreams.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Independence day celebrations everywhere. It got me to thinking (still free) about the original intent behind it all....
Independence is the self-government of a nation, country, or state by its residents and population, or some portion thereof, generally exercising sovereignty. and is often an emancipation from some dominating power.

The self government by it's population.....what a joke!!
In this day and age our independence is slowly being eradicated and many are to oblivious to notice that little by little they are loosing their freedom of choice.
Everyday there are more laws being passed that affect that freedom of choice and it happens so quickly that unless you are paying careful attention, it is done before you can protect yourself.

AND these laws are being passed under the guise of protecting the public at large but really it is about money and greed....all you need to do is really take a closer look!

Pay attention people the country that you thought was democratic and free is laughing at you!

How can compulsory vaccines (proven to be the leading cause of Autism and impaired Immunity) help the greater public??? Should it not be my choice as to how I care for my health and should I not be allowed to decide who I consult for my personal well being?
Watch out for licensure as this is another illusion under the guise of public safety.
What a load of crap....the egos in the room are suffocating!!
The FDA....another joke on us. This organization is supposed to be there to protect the public but look at how many drugs are out there known to have devastating side effects but until someone dies....sorry...till many die...the FDA will line their pockets and those that they truly protect, first.

Independence....we gained it from the world at large, emancipated from one dominating power to another who seems more corrupt and filled with deceit. But at least for this weekend we can be save under the illusion of it all.

How's that for a little venting!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


My yogi tea message for the day...

"the beauty of life is to experience yourself"

I am learning to do so on many levels and it is always interesting when we stop and pay attention to our reactions and actions and then take the time to see what the belief system behind it is.
I have found that it is the easiest place to start when choosing to make changes. (my belief systems and where they stem from) I ask myself if this belief still serves me and if it is truly mine or just something I bought I wish to continue it or have my views shifted?

Easiest does not always mean comfortable because some changes are not always comfortable. I am navigating the discomfort and staying mostly on course. There are days where I cannot even find the compass!!!

BUT....for today I choose to just experience myself and see the beauty in me!!