Sunday, November 16, 2008

A long stemmed red rose!

There is something so breathtaking and eyecatching about it.

The long slender stem with the occassional thorn to protect a beautiful tall beauty with a little edge.

The tip of it adorned with a unique deep red fragrant flower. A flower that becomes more radiant as it grows and ages....and if it's aesthetic appeal is not enough, it touches the heart, our emotional yardstick and the touch floods our body, ending in a radiant smile.

The rose has passed it's radiance unto the reciever.

There IS something magical about a long stemmed red rose!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Letter to the past..........

Thank you for bringing me to this moment.

Thank you for your support and guidance along the way. I learned so many things and experienced something new. You helped open my heart, you brought sadness and offered a safe place to express it and joy in abundance.

This journey helped shape me and gave me the greatest gift of all, MYSELF!!!

I accept this gift and will do it justice by honoring it first, by doing what nurtures it and I will listen to it's gentle guidance.

I step bravely into this moment and choose the path that resonates with all that I have come to know of myself.
My choices are about empowering me, trusting myself and honoring the women I have become.

The past may have shaped me but it is what I do and feel in this moment that defines and allows me to continue to grow.

Thank you for bringing me to this moment!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What is - in love??

I think it is when you are immersed in love, surrounded by it....flowing everywhere in and out of you.

You love from the INside out and thus according to the law of the Universe/ the law of attraction, you attract what you are....LOVE.

Fall IN love with yourself.

Friday, November 7, 2008

What is love....

That ever elusive question, what is love may just be answered.

It's when you see yourself clearly reflected in another and you know you deserve it and you open/keep your heart open and allow it in.

This however can only happen when you choose to love yourself unconditionally first; when your reflection in the mirror makes you smile from the inside.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Presidential thoughts

WOW, what a ride this campaign has been.

I am so glad that the slandering advertising between Coleman and Franken is finally over. Why would they think that we the public find that informative or even appealing. I do not know these men but after enduring their ads, I do not care to either. I think that there should be no place for people who have to put another down to win, in a governing sector.
How can you trust anyone to govern when they cannot govern them selves and slinging mud does not seem like the right way to govern yourself....just my opinion!!

I'm not sure if our new president is all that he seems to be but my heart really hopes so. During campaign trails they tend to do a good marketing pitch and Obama certainly did. I have not lived here all my life and can be fooled by the right words at the right time and I do embrace change. I do think it cannot be worse that it has been up till now.
It is a fact that a leader is only a good as the people that assist him. I trust he has some good assistance. It is however time for the greater public to speak up because the power is in the people and we are the ones that appoint the government (or so we are led to believe...a whole nother story there!)
When we all band together and stand up for what we believe in then the government will listen.
(or has this country really got me snowed?)

I am happy that Obama won and look forward to seeing him put his money where his mouth is.
I think that we need to send positive energy to this change as it may be a rocky road. Remember that energy flows where attention goes and we must put our attention on healing and change and moving forward.

Good luck to Obama and good thoughts from all of us!!!

Self healing....

It has become very important during this time to focus on the healing of self. Clearing old wounds, removing blockages and loving oneself unconditionally.
It still seems to be difficult for most to look in the mirror and say I love you to the self....from a place of truth deep inside.

With the energies on the planet changing and raising so rapidly, it is critical to let go of old imprints and belief systems that keep you stuck.
11:11 is said to be the perfect time to release old patterns and work at the self. This is a powerful time to turn the tide. this time of turmoil and constant change is here to propel us forward and help us seek out our bliss and direction. The days between the 11th and 13th are said to be the closing of lower vibrational gateways that feed on our fears. The time of darkness is coming to a close. ( and by darkness I mean the time of hiding and cover ups) ...also refered to as the time of ignorance.

It is important to go within during this time of great change and find the wisdom and strength and gifts waiting there. Focus on the things that nurture and bring you balance. The things and thoughts that feed your soul, that inspire and drive you. When the old belief systems that no longer serve you surfaces, this is a golden time and opportunity to let it will have a lot of support during this time to move forward.

This is a time to open your heart and allow change and goodness to flow through you. Have the courage to love with an open heart and to face yourself honestly and embrace your power.
During this time you will find yourself dropping all that no longer seems appropriate, do not fear it but allow for the release of it.

Step into the perfection of you. It is time to remember that you are perfect, whole and complete.