Monday, May 19, 2014

Detoxification know how.

There are many schools of thought that suggest springtime is the best time to detoxify, but anytime you feel the need or are facing health challenges, is a good time to detox.

There are almost as many detox diets and plans out there as there are toxins. (ok, slight exaggeration but you get my point) It is best to make an informed decision when looking for a good detoxification plan, so do your homework or consult a health professional. The more toxic you are, the more important it is to seek advice from a health professional. It is equally important to use the correct detoxification nutrients so that you do not impair your body's detoxification pathways any further.

We are inundated with toxins from the day we are born. In actual fact, we are born toxic. Scientist are now finding 204 different chemicals in the umbilical cord.  Most environmental toxins are fat soluble, so basically the more fat you carry, the more toxic you are, due to storing them in our fat cells. We are all toxic wastedumps and are poisoned by these toxins before we are even born.

All toxins affect the mitochondria, I'll say it again...ALL toxins affect the mitochondria. What does the mitochondria do? The mitochondria are responsible for your energy production and one cannot live without them. They make your life worth living.

The mitochondria also control apoptosis which means getting rid of bad cells.
Apoptosis: - the process of programmed cell death. Between 50-70 billion cells die each day due to apoptosis in the average human adult. Defective apoptotic processes have been implicated in a variety of diseases. Excessive apoptosis causes atrophy, whereas an insufficient amount results in uncontrolled cell proliferation, such as cancer and auto immunity.

If you eat foods that are sprayed with chemicals and/or processed foods, you are poisoning your mitochondria, (as toxins are the biggest negative to mitochondria and inhibit mitochondrial function), thereby setting yourself up for low energy, cancer and autoimmunity, to mention just a few. Pesticides and herbicides started in the 1940's and 50's and has increased dramatically since then, as has cancer and autoimmunity. If this is not proof enough that we all need to detox, then I don't know what is. And then there is our diet...

It is factual and interesting that 1/3 of the calories ingested in the US are pure junk.
Nutrition is the foundation of life, so eating healthy, clean food and water is essential for good health and quality of life. Clinical nutrition is using natural substances to optimize health and function. At Natural Health Haven we use clinical nutrition to assist in all our detoxification plans.

Everyone is toxic and we all want more energy, therefore detoxification is the universal starting point for most people in pursuit of better health.

How do you get toxins out of your body? Well, first you must stop putting more in with what you ingest and use on your body. This includes what you ingest through your eyes, ears, thoughts, and feelings. It is important to know that the liver converts fat soluble toxins to water soluble toxins so that your body can flush it out, so optimal liver function is essential during detoxification.

Medial foods and green organic vegetables are a great way to assist your body in a healthy, effective detox. Green is good and one can never get too much of it.

Products obtain medical food status from the FDA when they have met the following criteria:
  • Guaranteed potency - What it says on the label is in the product.
Consumer labs did a report that found that most of the products on health food store shelves did not contain the potency that was claimed on the labels.
  • Guaranteed purity. - No contaminants, microbials or heavy metals
  • Proven effective in human clinical trials. - Actually went through a trail study on human beings
  • Low allergy potential
It is important to ensure that your detox supplements meet the criteria of medical foods and up- regulate liver detoxification as proven in human clinical trials. That is why I use Metagenics Medical foods and supplements when I recommend detoxification plans to my clients and when I personally detoxify.

You can detoxify too fast and these are the symptoms of chronic poisoning as per the Journal of Clinical Chemistry 1996
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Intestinal distress
  • Allergies
  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
The brain is the most energy dependent system in the body and if you poison the mitochondria you will have negative effects on the brain (headaches, confusion, anxiety, sleep disturbances)

When detoxifying too fast one must decrease the amount of Medical foods and increase the detox adaptogens. Some detox adaptogens such as pomegranate, watercress and elagic acid, modulate the detoxification process in a balanced way and they are all found in the best product on the market for this called ADVACLEAR. There really is not another product on the market that is as good or does as good a job. (my opinion) 
When using ADVACLEAR you help the body balance detoxification.

There are currently 90 000 registered toxic substances. Remember all drugs are pro-aging and inhibit mitochondria.

The 'solution to pollution is dilution', so drinking plenty of water during a detox is crucial. 
Saunas, steam-rooms, coffee enemas, colonics and lymphatic massages are of great benefit during a detox.

In my office one can do an Intense 7 day detox, 10 day detox or 28 day detox programs. It is important to realize that emotional detoxification will also occur during a detox. Seeing someone to assist with your emotional detox can be very helpful to ensure that you do not re-toxify on the emotional level.

A good and effective detoxification program ensures that your detox pathways are equipped and functioning properly to help you to continue to do so if you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Nature and nurture...

What a beautiful day and such a gift to be able to sit outside on our patio, surrounded by trees and nature. Listening to her sounds brings me such peace. I close my eyes and feel the moist coolness in the air. The birds are all singing their own unique version of joy.  So many different birds chattering that it astounds me and brings pure music to my ears.

The plants have all sprung up overnight as I am sure they were just buds yesterday when I took a walk in the garden. They have opened up as if reaching to allow the rain to kiss their faces and bring more life. Birth and growth and joy all around.
The air freshly washed by the soft and gentle rain. It's almost as if one can smell the life that is springing up all over. The budding of leaves, blossoms and ideas.

Peaceful, quiet, with just the sound of nature all around. I breathe it all in.

It feels, sounds and smells uplifting and rejuvenating and it is in this moment that I am aware, and fully understand how important and energizing it is to slow down long enough to listen and feel the rhythm and flow of the world around me. To remind me of our connection to all and to appreciate and respect the beauty of that and the gift of life.

It is the giving and receiving of energy and love. I love and appreciate the beauty of the world around me and in turn the energy that flows back nourishes me, gives me more life and keeps me balanced and healthier.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

History is so 5 minutes ago...

She was seven and she sat there looking up at the woman who gave birth to her, the woman who was supposed to love and protect her, and this is what she heard, "I never wanted you, you are an unwanted child"

Whether that was really exactly what the mother said, we will never know. All that matters is that, that was exactly what the little girl heard and it changed her life for a very, very long time.

Today her mother is dead and has been for a few years. Actually her mother died on her husbands birthday. Guess that ensures that she will never forget the day her mother died. Is it poetic that she died the day that the love of her life celebrates his birthday? The man who changed her life yet again and who opened the heart that her mothers' lack of love closed.

Did her mother do the best she could with a heart that was also broken and closed and unable to love? When was the moment that her inner child broke? The moment her inner child shrunk away and hid from the world so far and deep that her grown self couldn't even reach her? Why did she never stop to take a long hard look at her life and decide that things needed to change to have a different outcome. Did the shattered heart of her child and the pain in her little girls eyes not remind her of her own shattered heart or even cause her enough remorse to stop and pay attention? Cause her to realize what she had said and created by her cruelty and inner pain.

I remember exactly when that moment was for me and made a conscious decision not to inflict that kind of pain on a child until I was whole and healthy and healed. Not until I knew how to open my heart and love. It took a lot of soul searching and alternative energy and healing therapies to find my inner child and convince her that it is safe to live and to love and that I will protect her and love her and never give up on her. But, I had to believe that myself first. Was I ready to be there for her and myself. Was I ready to open my heart and love myself unconditionally?
I had to, to help that little girl help my inner little girl heal and trust again.
She couldn't trust her mother, the one that birthed her and now here I am the one that is her...can she trust me, can I trust me?

Everyday is a journey towards that trust and unconditional love. Somedays I fail dismally and other days I'm whole, healed and happy.

My goal is to always know that I am whole, healed and happy and that nothing and no one defines me, that my history is just a story and I no longer have to be a part of it.
I write this to place it in a history book. The book of a little seven year olds life.
My seven year old and I are one and right now have no past, no history. We are safe, whole, happy and healed. So today is a good day!