Wednesday, June 4, 2008

As people come and go

Sometimes people come into our space with a little gift, a word or an opportunity and when we are aware we get it...we see it. We allow it to move within and through us and we allow them to move on.

It could be as simple as the words I am so in love with you. THE impact that has on your heart hits you like a wave. It is almost asif it was the key that unlocked the door and allowed you to experience the wonder of your heart so full, open and receptive.

With the gift of their words and the energy that accompanied it you felt it intensely and the brief glimpse of that experience opened the door to bring you more and more awareness and more and more opportunities to experience that fully.

Today I am thankful for those people, those moments that impacted my energy and life powerfully enough to shift it, assisting me in raising my vibrations.

I am also thankful for my ability to accept the change.

So to all of you who have impacted my life and my world and helped me raise my vibrations...I thank you...I love you and I am so grateful for the gift of you!

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