Wednesday, April 13, 2016


You hear about the fact that one can only achieve peace by detachment.
How does one achieve this? I ponder this question often and am not sure how to do it. I am sure like any new skill one must practice, practice, practice.

I guess it means letting things fall where they may? I know that I certainly practice this when working on energy balancing with clients. I am detached from the outcome. What they do with the energy and information is entirely up to them. This is however not as easy and natural when walking through my everyday life.

How do you achieve detachment when you feel like you have a vested interest in the outcome? When I desire something and then put it out there to the Universe....I am now detached from that and am told to just trust in the outcome and know that it is already there for me in divine timing. Fair enough, but then you hear or read that one must take action towards that which we desire....this does not sound like detachment to me? WHAT TO DO?

Is there a fine line between inspired action, action and detachment. Is it once again attached to being present, knowing when to act and when not to? I wish there was a 'detachment for dummies' book, or a 'how to be present for dummies.'

It is believed and proven that breathing is a way to stay present or at least bring you back to the present moment. Right now I feel like I'm going to be doing a LOT of breathing to stay present. My mind tends to go a mile a minute, like everyone else's does, and this tend to pull me out of the moment.

Maybe the best is to just practice staying in the moment and then detachment takes care of itself?

As you can see I certainly do not have the answers and it seems like I just have more questions as I go along. My life is a work in progress and I am just trying to be the best me I can be and practice mindfulness.

This is just a jumbled mess and probably just describes where I am at right now. I did hear a great message from Deepak Chopra about meditating and asking the question, "Who am I", followed by "Who's asking the question"....maybe that and breathing is a good place to start or to continue on.
I ask question during my meditations but don't always get answers right away...frustrating until I realize that it is a good place to once again practice detachment, because when I do, the answers seem to appear out of the ethers.

As I mentioned above....practice, practice and seeing every opportunity to do so, may just make me a Master someday...

As for today, I will just continue to ask questions and ponder upon my life.