Monday, August 25, 2008

Free as a bird

One day along my travels it came to me, there was a land I wanted to see.
I flew in and landed on a counter....he sighed and said, you are the most exotic and strangest bird I've ever encountered. I replied with eyes of knowing and a depth he could not see.

A freedom he tried to posess.
Please do not cut my wings I pleaded but awoke one day with feathers on the floor.
I cried and knew I could not stay no more.

Waiting for the strength to return to the wings with which I was born, I took flight and welcomed freedom again.

The wind and sky, my paradise. A lesson learned and taught. Wings are meant to spread and soar.

Never try to change the nature of an exotic bird!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Message are everywhere!!

There are times in my life where I feel so aware and when message seem to jump at me from everywhere, or is it just that I have finally chosen to receive messages in a way that even I cannot miss.

It is true that once you make a choice or decision in a certain direction there are many messages to guide you. It is important to stay open and vulnerable. Do not delve into deep emotions and keep your eye on the goal. Messages come from the strangest of places sometimes but it does not make them any less important.

I have been told to stay strong and take one day at a time. It is really all I can handle right now day at a time!

Pay attention to that sign you may never have seen before or the headline that popped out at you or an arbitrary comment made by a stranger that caught your attention.
Listen and then listen some more.

Prayers are always answered and messages are everywhere!

Monday, August 4, 2008

depression or mourning

I awoke this morning with a heavy heart and was not sure if I was depressed or mourning for a relationship that has changed. For a life of twist and turns that seems to threaten to overwhelm me at times?

Is it just the gloom of an overcast day that has stolen the sunshine from my heart and demeanor? Or is it part of a healing phase?
There are many positives in my current situation but in the depths of this mood, I am finding it hard to see.

I am writing this an an attempt to pick myself up and dust away the heavy fragments of this moment. Change as I may have mentioned before is not always comfortable and I am certainly witnessing it first hand today.

I have no miracle cure for this but am going to console myself in the fact that the sun will shine tomorrow and I will feel more balanced and centered soon. The only thing to do is be still or stay as busy as I can and hope I outrun this too. I choose to run when I need to or until I get is one of the first things I generally do. When I am done being reactive I may be still to notice the message of this part of my journey.

May your day be filled with sunshine even if mine isn't!!!

Life on the lake

The sunsets are always more spectacular when you add water.
The glow in the sky a color you cannot describe but it warms your heart and you feel honored to be it's witness!
Nature has her way of humbling the toughest heart and filling it with wonder and appreciation.

I am her slave for I have seen her display of magic and her dance of color.

I like the reflections of it all in my life along the lake.

May we all have a colorful and reflective journey!!