Monday, June 28, 2010

There are lightbulb moments...

You know those moments where the lift does go all  the way to the top floor  and opens up to a whole new realization. A place where I suddenly get that you create your own reality and energy flows where attention goes, with such clarity.

This was one of those moments:
I'm standing in the line at the post office in a, all is right with the world and peace to all frame of mind, just watching as the world unfolds in front of me.  There is a whole discussion between the server and the client and it is obvious that english is neither ones first language.
The post office server is trying really hard to explain something to the client and the client is trying harder to understand. This is holding up the line and the discussion is loud enough for all to hear but not really understand either...kinda like watching a train smash.

I could feel the energy of frustration rising and started to understand that this is the point where most would be sending daggers and loads of frustrated energy to these two individuals, and it dawned on me that this is where I had the power to shift the energy. I could feed the frustration and send that energy to them and they would take even longer to understand each other or I could send them positive energy, or "love"
I term it this way because to me the energy of love contains patience, understanding, tolerance and compassion and feels good. Now some may scoff at this and call it new age mumbo jumbo or worse but when I think of the positive reality I wish to create or how I would like it to look and feel, its love.

Sending them this energy will help them reach an understanding much faster and move the line along and I can keep my peaceful feeling and get out of there sooner and continue the flow of my day. Another way to look at this would be to visualize them finally "getting" each other and watching the line move on.
Another incident where this applies for me would be when a baby is screaming on a plane as its ears cannot equalize and we generally just wish it would shut up. I am sure if everyone on the plane sent good vibes, good energy or "love", instead of the opposite feelings or energy, the baby would be able to settle down and nature could take it's course.....

Anyhow, the post office moment did make me think about how I move through my day and how my energy and thoughts and feelings affect what I create. It was my moment of clarity!