Tuesday, December 18, 2018

For the highest good of all....yes, you can make a difference.

We are beginning to see our earth as a whole, living, breathing organism, an entity, a being unto itself. It breathes. It has a heartbeat. It takes care of its children. It provides everything here that we could possibly need. It’s totally balanced. If you spend a day in the forest or somewhere in nature, you can see how all the systems on the planet work perfectly. It’s set up to live out its existence in absolute, perfect equilibrium and harmony. 

So here we are, great mankind who knows so much, and we are doing our very best to destroy the planet by disrupting this balance and harmony. Our greed gets in the way to an enormous extent. We think we know best, and through ignorance and greed we are destroying the living, breathing organism of which we are a part. If we destroy earth, where are we going to live? 

I often hear people say that they alone cannot make a difference and I have not always had the correct reply for that until recently and then this arrived in my inbox from Louise Hay and she always did such a good job in explaining basic concepts that are easy for everyone to grasp.

What you do, think and believe affects the outcome of your life and impacts everyone. It is time for us to reconnect with our soul and thus feel and know our connection to everything on earth and to our beautiful mother earth.

Read these words and start doing something today to help us all.....

"I know people become overwhelmed by the problems we are encountering now. It seems that just one person doing something will not affect anything in the entire scheme of things. But that is not so. If everyone did a little it would wind up being a lot. You may not be able to see the effects right in front of you, but believe me, Mother Earth feels it collectively. 

Let’s be willing to see where can make small adjustments for the sake of the environment. Even if all you do is buy a cloth shopping bag, or turn the water tap off while you brush your teeth, you have contributed a great deal by doing it. 

For the Highest Good of All 

You can take this time to apply your personal growth methods to the entire planet. If you just do things for the planet and not for yourself, then you’re not in balance. If you only work for yourself and stop there, then that’s not balanced either. 

So let’s see how we can begin to balance ourselves and the environment. We know that our thoughts shape and create our lives. We don’t always live the philosophy totally; nonetheless, we’ve accepted the basic premise. If we want to change the greater world around us, we need to change our thinking about it, not viewing it as them and us

If all the effort you put out into complaining about what’s wrong with the world is applied to positive affirmations and visualizations of the world, you could begin to turn things around. Remember, every time you use your mind, you are connecting to like-minded people. If you inflict judgment, criticism, and prejudice on others, you are connecting to all the other people who are doing the same. However, if you are meditating, visualizing peace, loving yourself, and loving the planet, you are connecting with these kinds of people. You could be at home, bed-ridden, and still help to heal the planet by the way you use your mind—by practicing inner peace. I heard Robert Schuller of the United Nations once say, “The human species needs to know that we deserve to have peace.” How true those words are. 

Lazaris has a wonderful exercise that I would like to share with you. Pick a spot on the planet. It could be anywhere—very far away or just around the corner—some place on the planet that you would like to help heal. Envision that place as peaceful, with people well fed and clothed and living in safety and peace. Take a moment every day and envision it. 

Put your love to work to help heal the planet. You are important. By sharing your love and all the magnificent gifts within, you will begin to change the energy on this beautiful, blue-green, fragile planet that we call our home. 

And so it is!"            
                                         ~ Louise Hay

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Radicle thoughts to accept??

Can you accept that you are not your body, you are not your emotions and you are not your ailments?
Can you also accept that you are energy from a single source that created all and how about, you are space, full of energy vibrating with limitless possibilities that turn into physical reality through the observation by your conscious mind.

Your body is the vehicle you use to express your true self, your divinity or your soul. Have you taken the time to get to know who you truly are. Have you taken the time to connect with your soul, or are you too busy running around benefiting your ego and the desires of your body? I am not saying any of this is good to bad, I am merely offering alternative thoughts or ways to accept.

Can you become a conscious observer and observe your body and its expression, your emotions and what they reveal? Can you become the driver of your vehicle and control/master the energy with which your driver drives you?

Let’s take a step back...If you are not your body, your emotions or your ailments, then who are you?
And can you use your mind/brain to change anything?
You are in charge of the thoughts and emotions that govern your life. You can chose how and what to be at any given moment, but we are ruled by our habits and our conditioning and thus we allow our thoughts, emotions and habits to run/drive us, instead of us choosing or driving. We must be diligent in our awareness of what thoughts and emotions are driving our experiences and if we are not loving our experiences then we may need to chose differently. Take your power back and start using your body and brain instead of it using you.
Take back your brain!