Sunday, May 25, 2008

positive exercises

I meet with an amazing group of women every month and we are currently reading A New Earth and one of our ladies mentioned a wonderful exercise that she is doing to help her initial perception of those she encounters in her daily life. She decided her first thought had to be something positive of every person that she sees in Target and has found this to be challenging at times. I salute her in her efforts to improve her positive energies and thus empower herself and send powerful positive energy to those around her.

I would like to go a little deeper and put the challenge out there to all of us to do this with ourselves....every time you look in the mirror, let the first thought and words that leave your mouth be something positive to the reflection you see. If you do this all the time it will be a lot easier to see the positive not only in others but in everything.

Criticism starts at home and the only way to be successful in eradicating it would be to start with self yet again....

This is my constant message to myself and those whose lives I touch...............Please look within before looking without!

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