Thursday, May 15, 2008

Am I enough...?

There are times when I meet the most amazing, gifted people in the healing field and I am in awe of them. Unfortunately this time I am filled with feelings of inadequecy...

those same feelings of not being enough, not being good enough.

We spend so much time on self healing and letting go of the obstacles and old belief systems and those things that do not serve us yet as we look down, it's that same old stumbling block again.

I start thinking why am I in this business when there are so many people that are so much better at it than me, so much more gifted and why will I not give up?

I guess that would be the million dollar question...what keeps driving me, is it this searching of perfection for me, this thorn in my side? Should I then percieve it it a rose and not a thorn?

Maybe I should just stop thinking and go with the flow... maybe I am still to grow into a beautiful rose bush, thorns and all!!!

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