Monday, May 26, 2008

Believe in nothing..

Belief is the foundation for all our re-actions. (the way we act and keep acting)
It is where our feelings stem from.
In this new world of attraction, that we are all becoming more and more aware of, it seems strange that we still attract unwanted things.
Could this be that our beliefs are no longer true for us at this moment of creation, thus soliciting the incorrect feeling? And is it not this feeling that brings forth our manifestation? OR could it be that our beliefs solicit old feelings (not good uplifting...feelings) and then we manifest the things that are unwanted, in harmony with our feelings?

When I look at this statement it may mean that I am continually dancing around in a circle or that I must be present so that I can know what I am feeling and thus creating.

A lot of our belief systems were created at a very young age and we stubbornly hold unto them without really checking in. By that I mean checking into how they make us feel. This is the true guage of whether a belief system still serves us or not...

bringing me the point of...believe in nothing or even better yet be open to another belief system or a changing belief system. To create a different reality means that you must change the belief that created it in the first place.
When in doubt... Check in, how does it feel?

I am sorry if this seems garbled but sometimes we just puke on a page! Good luck figuring it out!

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