Monday, October 26, 2009



Every year at this time when the seasons change everyone gets a cold. There is sneezing, wheezing, coughing and little red noses. And every year there is a huge media hype about swine flu and some pending epidemic.
Why are the pharmaceutical Industry and the media such great bed pals? Here are some of my thoughts and questions to ponder on:
Who spends the most money on advertising and still has the largest marketing budget in today's economy? And who stands to loose the most money when opposing these giant spenders?

Is a vaccine created before or after a pending epidemic is advertised? From my observations it seems that a vaccine is created and then the market for it gets created via the media and medical Industry and then the fear tactics start, to ensure that everyone rushes to get the vaccine to avoid the pandemic, and that is a smoke screen for the pharmaceutical Industry to make more money.
I, frankly am so tired of all the idiots that buy into all of this and that cannot think for themselves. When in doubt research, ask questions and get educated/informed. With so many avenues to be informed out there, it just shows your ignorance if you trust your personal wellbeing to money giants that really DO NOT give a hoot about how many fatalities/ill effects there are, as long as they make their money.

Vaccines have been such a controversial issue for so many years and today there are many
medical professionals that have said that the risk for the H1N1 vaccine is too high and they will not get the vaccine themselves or recommend it to any of their family.

It is healthy to get a cold at least a few times a year to shake up the Immune system. I am not saying all colds are harmless.....that really depends on the health of the individual inflicted, or rather, the health of their immune system, amongst other things. But to target small children who's immune systems are not even properly formed yet or old people who already have compromised immune systems is indicative of the greed that is fueling our health system currently. These bedfellows feed on the fear that they create to line their pockets.

When we allow our fears to take over we tend to believe anything no matter how preposterous it would seem to us normally. What a great way to control the masses. It has been a success for many centuries. Religion uses it, world powers use it, even kids on the play ground use it, and why should pharmaceutical giants not use it.
The question is, are you going to allow fear to erode everything....erode your health and the health of all those you love. When is this fear mongering going to reach a point where you say STOP, enough, I AM in control???

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