Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bits and pieces flying through my mind

I went to a Soul Breathing workshop and the speaker was Robert Winn. During his workshop he reminded me of many things and planted a few new seeds and watered a few others. This piece is just one of those seeds.

He mentioned this: Religion is believing in someone else's spiritual experience.

I loved it and it was probably the best way I have ever heard it described. I always used to think that organised religion was just a fear based system to control the masses and by no means a unique experience.
Spirituality on the other hand is a unique experience (in my opinion), it is as unique as each and every one of us is. What we choose to believe in is not right or wrong, it just is uniquely ours.

I would like to say we must not judge anothers belief system but when it comes to organised religion, I cannot help but have some strong opinions! (or is that just a sugar coated word for judging it??)

Its crazy that the past is filled with religious wars and there are many injustices in the name of religion and somehow that makes it OK in the eyes of many. What the hell are they doing??
Is their religious faith so shaky or is it fear that what they believe in has little base and thus they must protest so much? OR have they taken a story and weaved it to their own liking in such a manner that the original intent got lost?

Whatever it is, the time of organised religion is over. It is time for us all to embrace our power from within and be the creators we are meant to be and take responsibility for ourselves and our own experiences.
Using someone else's spiritual experience negates your uniqueness. In my opinion it does not add to you it takes away from you.

This is not an attack on any ones belief system it is just the bits and pieces flying through my mind.

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