Monday, November 23, 2009

Swindlers everywhere..


I cannot believe that there are people out there devising elaborate schemes to swindle you out of money. I would think that if they spent as much time and effort doing an honest days work that they would be pretty successful, but I guess they get way more satisfaction and excitement causing someone else misery.

The latest is a sweepstakes competition allegedly from Microsoft in the Netherlands to say that you have won thousands of Euros and a laptop......Yipee...that is until you call Microsoft headoffice here and ask if they know anything about this and they laugh and say do not pay any attention to it, it is a hoax!!

The red flag did get a nudge when the email arrived but I thought, what the hell, lets see where this goes. I then get an email from Worldwide International courier stating that due to the large sum of money, an insurance policy is covering it and the cost of shipping it to me is my responsibility and will be about 500 Euro.....The red flag could not stop waving!!!
And it was best to be sent through their accredited Western Union or money gram as they can pick it up the same day and get your prize to you quicker as bank wires take three days!!

Like I said, an elaborate scheme and all over email! How do you as the average Joe trace that and how can it be authenticated?

I still blows my mind that there are people out there that think honesty is NOT the best policy and if you are stupid enough to send someone your money then its your loss and their gain.
I trust that the wheel does turn and that one turn indeed does deserve another!!

Good luck to all you swindlers, may your day come!!

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