Monday, March 5, 2018

Choices and decisions and how we confuse them

We often think that we make choices about things when in actual facts they are decisions.
Madison Taylor states that we should make choices from a place of balance and it is really just saying make a choice and not a decision. When we decide upon something, it usually comes from a place of consideration, therefore it is a decision and not a choice. We consider how we feel, or what color we like or flavor, etc.

Here is a short excerpt from Madison's article:

"Balance within and balance without go hand in hand. When you are called upon to choose between two or more options, whether they are attractive or distasteful, you should understand all you can about the choice ahead of you before moving forward. If you do not come to the decision from a place of balance, you risk making choices that are irrational and overly emotional or are wholly logical and don't take your feelings into account" .....for me, this means you are not choosing but deciding?
"In bringing your thoughts and emotions together during the decision-making process, you ensure that you are taking everything possible into account before moving forward. Nothing is left up to chance, and you have ample opportunity to determine which options are in accordance with your values. 

Though some major decisions may oblige you to act and react quickly, most will allow you an abundance of time in which to mull over your choices. If you doubt your ability to approach your options in a balanced fashion, take an extended time-out before responding to the decision. This will give you the interlude you need to make certain that your thoughts and feelings are in equilibrium. As you practice achieving balance, you will ultimately reach a state of mind in which you can easily make decisions that honor every aspect of the self."

Even in this article the line between choice and decision seems blurred to me.

A choice is when all the considerations have been examined and you chose something because you chose that something.

An example in life may be, you get fired, your choice is....I am fired and I chose that because that is what happened...Now I can decide what to do about it and even how to feel about it....decision!

Choice is choosing after all the considerations have been examined and we still make the same choice, when we embrace what happened and not try to change that. It may even appear (illusion) as if we had no choice in the matter.
Chose from a place of balance, without being swayed by considerations, emotions, prejudices etc. It is only then that you are truly choosing.

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