Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Paying attention to the miraculous around us.

My husband arranged a wonderful little Anniversary getaway and we just spent a fabulous weekend in the Northern part of Minnesota. We were pretty close to the Canadian Border. It was spectacularly beautiful.

With a body fighting off the remnants of a brutal cold and still not feeling perfectly healthy, I set out to make it a wonderful experience. The setting was perfect. A beautiful little spot on Lake Superior with a fireplace, a jacuzzi tub and wall to wall windows to enjoy the gorgeous view of Lake Superior as far as the eye could see. What more could a lady ask for.

Snow covered mountains and lakes and trees are truly beautiful. The sun glistening of the snow making it shine like thousands of little diamonds. We enjoyed delicious meals and spectacular scenery.  I don't think I have really enjoyed and appreciated the beauty of our winters as much as I did, looking at it all as if for the first time.

We awoke one night to a star filled sky that was surreal. The stars were to bright and too big...they didn't look real. Someone painted the most spectacular starry night I had ever seen. I lay my head on my pillow to float off to dreamland with a heart full of gratitude for the wonder of nature and the gift that I was given to witness it all. The next morning I awoke to a breathtaking sunrise over a semi frozen lake. The orange glow was reflected in the snow on the water and it made me feel blessed to be alive. How very fortunate I felt to witness not only the most beautiful starry sky, then followed by a sunrise just as beautiful.

We took a long drive along the shores of Lake Superior towards Canada and enjoyed changing scenery and delicious meals and chats along the way. The evening that followed was stormy, with howling winds and waves crashing outside our window. We turned off all the lights and enjoyed the sounds of the storm and waves crashing. What a difference from the starry night before and just as spectacular in its raw beauty. Mother Nature delivered all her splendor and contrast in a few days.
The following night we were lulled to sleep by the slapping of waves against the rocks below our window as the winds of the storm had not vanished completely, and it had blown the ice and snow right off of the water.

It was so wonderful paying attention to the miraculous nature all around and to bear witness to colorful sunrises, sunsets, storms and waves. I am in awe of the beauty of winter and the miracles of a sunrise, a stormy or starry night sky and all the beauty that surrounds me every moment of every day. And all I have to do to continue to have my breath taken away by it all is pay attention.

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