Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Nobody bites the hand that feeds them..

Lying the the tub after a long day of reports, clients, JAMA research article and social media, I realized that the whole word is ruled, knowingly or unknowingly, by this law. Nobody bites the hand that feeds them...

It is time for us all to really investigate what we read and the motivation of what we are being "fed"
Health related research articles have become so tainted by who is benefitting from the results, and do not kid yourself that it is the greater public because it is not. Big Pharma holds many doctors, politicians and industries hostage by being the hand that feeds them. When you follow the money or who is paying for the research, who is advertising etc. you will quickly see that the findings will be skewed and tainted towards the hand that feeds.

Your personal trainer will certainly promote the services,  products and supplements their gym sells as that is the hand that feeds them. Your Medical Doctor gets paid by the Insurance companies and they have a standard of care that is drugs and more drugs, that is the hand that feeds most of the medical industry. Why do most Functional Medicine practitioners charge cash....well, then they can take care of the hand that feeds them and that is you, the client. Then your best interests and your health is going to be the priority. You will also then get the best and highest quality nutritional products and supplements in accordance to that particular practitioner. We do not get incentivized or paid by the companies who's products we sell.
You are the hand that feeds us and we will certainly take care of you.

We are all however driven by this whether self employed or not. I look to social media to illustrate this. We do not honestly comment on our Facebook pages or the facebook pages of our friends and clients, because the general public is the hands that feed us and one does not wish to offend them or anyone that may be a client or future client, so we post general information or only like certain posts.
We don't really advertise our real views in every instance or we refrain from comments on any controversial social issues. Why....because we don't bite the hand that feeds us and another motivation is no one wants to look bad. We always strive to look good.

This musing is all about reminding us all to really investigate and question what we are being "fed" and what we feed others, socially and through advertising and the medical money machine, this includes the FDA. They certainly will NEVER bite the hands that feed them. BIG Pharma, Politicians and Monsanto, to name just a few.

Who feeds you and how are you being compromised to keep that hand happy????

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