Thursday, November 26, 2009

Taking time for me..

This has been an incredible year filled with lots of tears and changes, as well as laughter and travelling.

Why do we always wait for a crisis to make decisions that would have been made a lot easier if we did them in a timely manner?
I love what I do but have been starting to feel burned out and in need of a break. I obviously did not think that I deserved it on some level and did not pay enough attention to it. Finally the Universe (as I call the forces that be) created an opportunity for me to make a choice.
I felt kinda pushed into it and a whole fountain of emotions ensued.

Guilt is such a useless emotion that really does not serve anyone (my opinion). If we act in any manner of our choice, why feel guilty about it? it because of the reaction of others?...and are you to be held responsible for that?...
I put those thoughts out there because that was the strongest emotion I felt when I decided to close my office and take time of for me. I felt guilty for abandoning all my clients. For thinking of myself first.

Fortunately for me I do have practitioners that I see for my own care and with their gifts and guidance I have been reminded of the term 'healer heal thyself' and that I deserve to take time for me.

My advice is to take the time you need to care for yourself and to recharge your batteries and be able to come back with more light and energy. This is the best service you can offer anyone else.
It gives everyone around you permission to do the same and to be able to do it without the guilt.

This short sabbatical will allow me to focus on my passion for health and healing of the subtle bodies that make up our whole being. I can read all those books and write to my hearts content and never feel like I have to be somewhere or worry about this one or that one and all their health concerns. I free all of you to take responsibility for your health and to do what you think is right for you, I certainly am and I am proud of it.

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