Saturday, July 5, 2008


Independence day celebrations everywhere. It got me to thinking (still free) about the original intent behind it all....
Independence is the self-government of a nation, country, or state by its residents and population, or some portion thereof, generally exercising sovereignty. and is often an emancipation from some dominating power.

The self government by it's population.....what a joke!!
In this day and age our independence is slowly being eradicated and many are to oblivious to notice that little by little they are loosing their freedom of choice.
Everyday there are more laws being passed that affect that freedom of choice and it happens so quickly that unless you are paying careful attention, it is done before you can protect yourself.

AND these laws are being passed under the guise of protecting the public at large but really it is about money and greed....all you need to do is really take a closer look!

Pay attention people the country that you thought was democratic and free is laughing at you!

How can compulsory vaccines (proven to be the leading cause of Autism and impaired Immunity) help the greater public??? Should it not be my choice as to how I care for my health and should I not be allowed to decide who I consult for my personal well being?
Watch out for licensure as this is another illusion under the guise of public safety.
What a load of crap....the egos in the room are suffocating!!
The FDA....another joke on us. This organization is supposed to be there to protect the public but look at how many drugs are out there known to have devastating side effects but until someone dies....sorry...till many die...the FDA will line their pockets and those that they truly protect, first.

Independence....we gained it from the world at large, emancipated from one dominating power to another who seems more corrupt and filled with deceit. But at least for this weekend we can be save under the illusion of it all.

How's that for a little venting!!!