Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lifetimes in a life time

Isn't it interesting that as we go through our lives, we live many different lifetimes. An interesting thing happens when you come from a balanced state.

Every emotional phase I heal helps me grow. I have noticed that the closer I get to me the easier it becomes to manifest whatever I wish for in my life. This year as I approached another birthday and even now as I remember celebrating it, I must admit, fascination for the journey that brought me to this moment overwhelms me.

I remember my twenties but now it does feel like a lifetime away. I remember the me I was then and even she seems like a different person...I still have some of her qualities but I am so much more now. I have changed and grown and evolved and my life has been a series of gifts and lessons. It has offered me many opportunities to change and thankfully I have.

I feel the fear until I have built up enough courage or maybe it is that I am more afraid of what would be the outcome if I allowed fear to keep me captivated and locked in time.

As I review the decades of my life, I realize that I have lived many wonderful and some not so wonderful lifetimes already. Now as I am again embarking on another lifetime, I am grateful that I have once again defeated fear and accepted the magical unknown. I am on the brink of something wonderful and I am ready. My journey has brought me to love who I am and what I have to offer and appreciate all the wonderful moments and people that have helped me on my path.

It has taken many years to see and admit that even the not so wonderful years had their own special purpose. Their gifts now in fruition.

What a glorious time to be alive and how scary it can sometimes seem. There is this war against our darker and lighter sides and the earth is echoeing it. We must return to love and it all ends and starts in us.

This lifetime is about balance, living from the heart and honoring my boundaries and myself.

Which lifetime are you in and what choice do you choose to make to honor your growth?

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