Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Create the life you desire...

Many have heard the term 'Energy flows where attention goes', but how many have really absorbed this information?

Everything we place our attention on causes energy to flow in that direction. This energy amplifies when it meets the same energy and thus amplified energy is flowing back to us.
Simply put, if you are focusing your thoughts on negativity,  more negative energy is flowing back to you. If you focus on pain and suffering, more pain and suffering flows back to you.
Your thoughts and emotions are all energy and create more thoughts and emotions of similar frequency and situations where you experience more of the same emotions and thoughts.
This energy sent out into the Universe then draws more of said energy back to you. I am mentioning all of this to allow you to absorb how you create your reality or the circumstances in your life.

What is it you wish to create this day, this week and this year? Start with what you would like to create this year. Is it better health? If so, then what does better health entail for you...more exercise, healthier food choices and healthier habits?
Now, you have a few things to look at and start planning...how are you going to implement them into your life? And make sure you are focusing on better health and NOT on what you do not wish to do or on the foods you are missing out on.

Today you may just focus on breathing, as deep breathing calms you and oxygenates your cells, creating better health (baby steps) Day two,  focus on consuming more water etc. etc.
If you start with a goal for the week at the beginning of the week, you can then decide what you can do daily to help achieve the weekly goal and the monthly goals and ultimately the yearly goal.

This applies to who you wish to be too. Do you wish to be calmer and happier? What would that entail and what do you need to shift and change and or heal within yourself to achieve this?
Again, you now have something to work with and you can start planning for the new you that emerges daily.

I have a daily ritual that allows me to focus my mind on the present and check in to see how I am progressing with my goals and where my attention lies. Every night before I go to sleep I check in to see how my day progressed and if I succeeded in my journey towards my weekly goals and the energy I desire in my life, and did I achieve what I wanted to in my day?

Every day I get to chose and decide where my focus and energy is going to go.  I am trying to be aware on a continual basis of where my attention/focus is at, as my goal is to be present and create from moment to moment.  What am I attracting and creating in my reality?
PAY ATTENTION. You are the master and creator of your reality.

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