Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Me, the abuser...

The cold hard truth hit me in the face like being dunked in a bath of icy cold water.
I am an abuser. I have looked back and done some deep healing work on the abuse I experienced as a child, teenager and young adult. The abuse perpetrated on me. It was painful and hard work. After patting myself on the back for how far I have come and how well I think I'm doing, I listened to a talk by Matt Kahn on ending inner conflict and I realized how abusive I am to my body. I am continuing to perpetrate the abuse...I am not the loving guide. My self talk is highly abusive and not endearing and uplifting at all.

If someone spoke to me like I speak to my body I would be jumping all over them for being mean and and in need of checking themselves. I certainly don't speak to those I love and respect that way I speak to my body. I don't point out all their flaws and call them fat or dimpled or flabby!

My body responded to the these words by Matt Kahn and a light bulb went off and the tears welled in my eyes....This body of mine has gone through so much in the past and is just wanting time to integrate and catch is caught in this dense third dimension, where things move much slower.
 I ask so much from it on a daily basis and if it does not respond as fast as I would like, I beat it up.
How can I expect it to be kind and loving to me when I am not kind and loving to it, in thought and deed.
Sure, I feed it nourishing and healthy foods, I exercise and get out in nature, all whilst leaving my toxic thoughts unchecked. I expect miracles from my body. It made me wonder how often I really listen and feel and truly respect my body...granted I do pay attention to my body but I think I'm in charge instead of my body actually being in charge. It is the one experiencing life and housing my consciousness, not the other way around. Makes me think of the words "You're a spiritual being having a human experience" In other body is here having the experience with my consciousness as the guide, the one who's supposed to know better, be more.
It's time for my guide to be tolerant and starts acting like the spiritual being it is and not a spoilt brat that isn't getting its way.
Another thought to ponder.....our guides and angels, if you believe in that, always treat us with loving kindness, respect and encouragement and thus we (our mind, our consciousness) must be the loving, encouraging guide to our bodies.

It is now my mission to come into alignment with my body, to use my mind as a loving guide and encourage and praise my body for all it does...It breathes, sweats, walks and moves and carries my consciousness through this world and all it wants is to experience life in all its beauty and glory, just as it is. I will make it my goal to fully 'embody'....(see what I did there) every experience meaning, body, mind and soul in alignment, as one. I think an even better idea is to let my heart and body lead the way and use my head just to store the experiences??

Listen to Matt Kahn...True Divine Nature... on YouTube...The end of Inner Conflict to better understand the depth of this message. (it is a long one but well worth it.)

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