Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You stole my soul!

As many may know I have closed my office in Monticello and have taken a bit of a sabbatical to work on my personal journey to health and this is what I wrote due to that:

Dear mother,

You gave me a body to journey through this world and supplied little else. Your breast was denied me and with it, colostrum, taurine and nurturing! The good bacteria inoculation at birth would have been free, but you couldn't give that, instead you gave me psychological damage and many valuable lessons to learn...an education well earned!!

I even doubt the thought of feeding my brain with fish oils entered your mind, instead you fed it with doubt, fear and uncertainty.

The joys of childhood escaped as you watched and blamed not yourself but me.

................thank you for being the vessel of my birth as I now turn to my true mother, the one that nurtures, sustains my life, cares and embraces me, mother earth.

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