Saturday, May 9, 2009

We are all connected

There are many belief systems out there and I am going to add one more.

I believe that organised religion sometimes fails to let us know that we are all connected and rather insists on teaching us fear and this fear feeds our seperation.
There are two options of feelings that we can choose. One is love and one is fear.

Fear incompasses all the lower vibrational feelings...lack, hatred, shame, greed, envy etc.
Love encompasses all the good, laughter, abundance, happiness etc.

When we realise that we are all connected we realize when we hurt or hate we affect everything and everyone. Mother Earth needs to purge herself of this energy and then it rains or the earth shifts or erupts or floods. As we all lift our vibrations and heal our hurts we lift the vibrations of the planet and help others to find their healing. We can change the world by changing ours a little everyday. All we need to do is start being the change. When we chose a higher purpose for ourselves we move energy in that direction that affects all of us.

If we all globally felt the same deep love at the same time we will create miracles. We have to start believing that we are the creators on this planet and if we do not like what we see then it is our duty to start looking deep inside and ask why! Why have I co-created this and how can I change this within me to assist in the outer reflection.

When we start believing we are beautiful and loving and loved we can start creating more beauty and love. It can be uncomfortable to discover who you really are and what thoughts and beliefs create your world around you but when you move through the discomfort the peace and clarity on the other side is inspirational. I move in and out of discovery more than I would like sometimes but because of it I like who I am and who I am becoming.....Actually I believe I am remembering more of who I truly am through the discomfort of discovery.

I am moving closer to love everyday and because of it I cannot help but wish to share the love and help others discover it for themselves. This is what happens when you realize we are all connected and the bottom line of that thread the core of it, if you will, is love.

I may be running the risk of sounding like a new age weirdo......what the hell.....if thats the hat that spreads the message of love and change, I accept and thanks!! LOOK at yourself and ask frequently, How am I feeling now.....this will let you know what your predominant thoughts are and whether you choose love or fear. Do your thoughts and feelings lift you up or bring you down??? Once you start paying attention you stay present and once you are present you can change the thoughts and feelings and shift your reality to a differnet vibration. Hopefully to a higher vibration.

I said all that to say this....again... we are all connected and we all affect the energy around us with our energy! There is loads of science out there now to back this up!! YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THIS is not to late!

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