Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Energy flows where attention goes....

I have no doubt that many have heard this phrase before and there are times that it causes a light bulb to ignite in my mind.

I was lying in the bath and thinking about the many things that I have been shifting and healing recently. I have been working on some ancesteral wounds and I thought about my relationship with my mother, and I remembered something on relationships I had learned awhile ago. In relationships, what we focus on is what we attract more of.
In my past marraige I practiced this theory and it was true, if I focused on what it is that I loved about my partner it seemed to attract more of that and when I focused on what pissed me off it attracted more of that behaviour. What I focused on changed my energy from either love to annoyance or worse...we attract what we focus on. Attention is just another word for focus.

In the tub I also realised that recently I had been focusing on the wounds that I had carried for the females in my family and not the gifts that these wounds brought. I initially thought that I had to get rid of the energy of these wounds but through the guidance of a wonderful healer and woman, I remembered that energy can not be destroyed only transformed. In my opinion, how we transform energy is by the focus we apply on that energy. The way I healed and continue heal wounds is by changing me perception of them. I came to realise that I must see the gift in them and to do that I looked at what I loved about myself and what I love about my mother and where those qualities came from. The wonderful qualities I loved about myself were a result of the wounds I have carried...therein the gift of the wound.

Focusing on the gifts changes its energy and heals the wound.....


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