Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Self healing....

It has become very important during this time to focus on the healing of self. Clearing old wounds, removing blockages and loving oneself unconditionally.
It still seems to be difficult for most to look in the mirror and say I love you to the self....from a place of truth deep inside.

With the energies on the planet changing and raising so rapidly, it is critical to let go of old imprints and belief systems that keep you stuck.
11:11 is said to be the perfect time to release old patterns and work at the self. This is a powerful time to turn the tide. this time of turmoil and constant change is here to propel us forward and help us seek out our bliss and direction. The days between the 11th and 13th are said to be the closing of lower vibrational gateways that feed on our fears. The time of darkness is coming to a close. ( and by darkness I mean the time of hiding and cover ups) ...also refered to as the time of ignorance.

It is important to go within during this time of great change and find the wisdom and strength and gifts waiting there. Focus on the things that nurture and bring you balance. The things and thoughts that feed your soul, that inspire and drive you. When the old belief systems that no longer serve you surfaces, this is a golden time and opportunity to let it will have a lot of support during this time to move forward.

This is a time to open your heart and allow change and goodness to flow through you. Have the courage to love with an open heart and to face yourself honestly and embrace your power.
During this time you will find yourself dropping all that no longer seems appropriate, do not fear it but allow for the release of it.

Step into the perfection of you. It is time to remember that you are perfect, whole and complete.

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Saurabh Shastri said...

Good article!!!
Curing ourself using natural way is always good. Natural treatments are always good as they don't have any side-effects. Isn't it?