Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Presidential thoughts

WOW, what a ride this campaign has been.

I am so glad that the slandering advertising between Coleman and Franken is finally over. Why would they think that we the public find that informative or even appealing. I do not know these men but after enduring their ads, I do not care to either. I think that there should be no place for people who have to put another down to win, in a governing sector.
How can you trust anyone to govern when they cannot govern them selves and slinging mud does not seem like the right way to govern yourself....just my opinion!!

I'm not sure if our new president is all that he seems to be but my heart really hopes so. During campaign trails they tend to do a good marketing pitch and Obama certainly did. I have not lived here all my life and can be fooled by the right words at the right time and I do embrace change. I do think it cannot be worse that it has been up till now.
It is a fact that a leader is only a good as the people that assist him. I trust he has some good assistance. It is however time for the greater public to speak up because the power is in the people and we are the ones that appoint the government (or so we are led to believe...a whole nother story there!)
When we all band together and stand up for what we believe in then the government will listen.
(or has this country really got me snowed?)

I am happy that Obama won and look forward to seeing him put his money where his mouth is.
I think that we need to send positive energy to this change as it may be a rocky road. Remember that energy flows where attention goes and we must put our attention on healing and change and moving forward.

Good luck to Obama and good thoughts from all of us!!!

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