Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Keeping this up....

Phew.....Having quite a time keeping up on updating this and still trying to stay sane.

It is hard to write anything inspirational when one feels like your life is going down the crapper but I am happy to report that even that was a fleeting thought...ok maybe not fleeting but it did pass as all things do when one does not continuelly dwell on it and therefore keep sending it energy. The ego perpetuates this behaviour, I am told. I am ready to kick the S*#@t out of mine by now!!

Life is filled with twists and turns and I am dizzy from all the curves. I wish they were in all the right places on my body instead of everywhere I look in my life.
Choices are overated some might say and I get it as I have certainly had my fair share. I am trying not to sound like a spoilt brat and have no doubt that some are even muttering it under their breath as they read this, but not all choices are what they appear to be at first glance and even then one may need to take a long hard second look and choose between the lesser of two evils.

My choices have been hard and painful for more than just me. There are times when we all wish we could take the pain away for those we love but I am reminded that we all need to follow our own path and how we feel is still a matter of choice (yip, there is that word again)
For those that are hurting right now.....I feel your pain and I second that!

So here are words of inspiration.....this too shall pass (and you thought it would be better than that I bet)

I go to sleep knowing that all I have to do is honor myself and do what is right for me and if it is not in the long run then I have certainly gained a lesson and will still have the right to choose something different. Choices are a wonderful thing (ughh, I did just say that) but it is true even if I do not always see it from that perspective.
So if you are faced with choices today....choose wisely but do not beat yourself up because another one will be on it's way real soon!!!!

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