Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Love and loss

The last few weeks have been filled with love and now I must face loss. I have finally connected on a deep level with a great love in my life and the pain that he was carrying took my breath away. I was the cause of this pain, my decision to leave has left a deep wound and I pray that the universe helps with the healing. I wish to leave him without a scar.

Feeling his pain helped push me into action. It is never fair for us to think that we can spare anyone pain with treading lightly. We stay stuck and cause everyone to be stuck if we cannot act or take action. Remember confrontation is never easy but it does clear the air and allow for new energy to come in. It allows all parties to know where they stand and then gives them a choice where they may not have seen one before. Facing things head on lifts the veil.

I am reminded that with closure comes mourning and I am experiencing a lot of that. It seems to come at me in waves and there are times that I could sit in a heap and cry and cry.
Are my tears cleansing or a sign that I may be resisting the change??
I do not know the answer to that but will not resist the urge to be vulnerable and submerge myself in the pain for a little while. I must feel this to be able to move through it and who knows what awaits on the other side.

For those who know the love and loss that I am talking about, we are one.
Please do not close your heart! Have the courage to keep loving with an open heart and know that with great sadness comes great joy. You cannot have one without the other.
I, like you, now await the joy and am choosing to do so with an open heart.

Thank you for sharing your precious time with ME!!

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