Sunday, September 8, 2019

thoughts are...what I learned this week.

Thoughts, we all have them and they vary from moment to moment. Our reality is created by our thoughts and this is probably not a new concept for most, however, our relationships are also just! This did kinda blow my mind and also open me up to more introspection.

If everything I think and focus on amplifies, then I must start paying closer attention to what I think as I focus, right? Right! When we are with people we think certain things about them as we do about ourselves and therefore they are what we think of them (but only to us) as they are really just who they are.
Try and stay with me here....when we focus on what's missing in our relationships, then we just amplify what's missing, thus creating more of that. When we focus on the positive attributes and what we love about the people around us, we amplify that energy and create more of what we love. Simple right? So, why do we find it so difficult?

Everything is really just a though and it all lives in our minds....our reality is merely the thoughts we consistently focus on and amplify and therefore attract more of. We can certainly change our thoughts and thereby change our reality.  Changing our consistent thoughts means actually taking back our brain and paying attention to what we think and feel and paying attention to the thoughts that pop out of us when we are under pressure or being squeezed by life...I love the orange analogy that Wayne Dyer uses about the orange and when you squeeze an orange, what comes out....Orange juice! That is all that comes out because that's what's inside. What comes out of you is also what is inside and if it is anger and hatred and/or bigotry, then that is whats inside.
Now that you know, you have an opportunity to change that or look at it and see if it is truly the life and reality you wish to create for yourself, your children and your loved ones. Where do these thoughts come from, are they truly yours or are they learned behaviors or borrowed thoughts or have you allowed yourself to be indoctrinated by the masses? Are you in control of your thoughts or are they controlling and steering your life?

I love practicing Body and Brain yoga because there are instances where you hold a certain position for a very long time and you get to start witnessing your thoughts, your ego and how you handle yourself when thing start to hurt or become uncomfortable. The ego has an amazing ability to justify itself by pretending to be you. (your desires, fears etc) Thoughts like, "why am I doing this, I don't need to be doing this, this is stupid, put your ams down" etc. and when one goes deeper through the discomfort, you may be confronted with the deeper truths that you hold underneath it all. You get to chose whether you are in charge or whether you are going to let your ego take the reins.

For me taking back my brain means overcoming my ego and knowing that I am not my thoughts, emotions or my body, they are not me but mine and I truly have control over them. I get to chose every moment of every day how i wish to express myself through my thoughts and actions.

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