Monday, April 22, 2019

Three phases of detoxification...

When we talk about physical detoxification, we talk about 3 phases of detoxification....

A healthy intestine provides a barrier against many toxins. A healthy gut helps to eliminate toxins before they can be transported to the liver. Unfortunately, unhealthy intestinal function prevents effective detoxification. As shown in this infographic, ingested toxins and toxins formed as metabolic by-products of an unhealthy microbiota can leak through a weakened intestine and are transported to the liver. This can result in systemic accumulation and re-circulation of metabolic toxins and contribute to chronic adverse health conditions.
The three phases of healthy detoxification are:
  • The generation of water-soluble intermediaries
  • The neutralization of toxic water-soluble intermediaries
  • The excretion of the neutralized intermediaries.
Preventing unhealthy detoxification function begins with reducing our exposure to toxins. Keep a clean work and home environment, wear protective gear when using toxic and/or chemical substances, and eat healthy, unprocessed foods whenever possible.

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