Thursday, May 31, 2018

Food choices...should we be made to feel wrong?

An interesting weekend and interesting observations...

There is such a strange phenomenon around food sensitivity and the individuals who have them. I am sensitive to a few things and am therefore very aware of what I eat and how I feel after eating certain foods. It is more challenging for me to go and attend parties and other social events where food is served as I need to be careful. I do not like to feel uncomfortable and icky in  my own body and therefore tend to either take my own food or not eat at all.
I am lead to believe that this makes others feel very uncomfortable and this has my mind boggled?

The choices I make to keep my body healthy and to feel good are for my own health benefits and I cannot see how anyone should be uncomfortable about that. I do not expect others to cater to my weird food sensitivities and I have no problem not eating where I am uncertain of the ingredients in the food served. This is not a reflection on the host and their food but just self preservation.

It is uncomfortable enough to have multiple unusual food sensitivities and I chose not to make a scene and rather just decline food. Please do not make me feel even worse by suggesting that I send the message that peoples food choices are wrong or that I judge anyone for the food they serve...I DO NOT. I just know that I will suffer if I eat anything that does not agree with my system.

Don't make me wrong for my food choices and for me making my health a priority. Eating is a necessity for nutrients and energy and I eat to serve my body and unfortunately do not get to indulge in the sweet treats and other decadent and comfort foods of this beautiful country. I do not make you wrong for eating what you like, please do not make me wrong for eating what my body likes....

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