Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Chords of love...

In a lifetime we have loved and lost many and in our memories the longing may still remain.

There are those young loves that may have ended when you moved town or the boy who didn't go with you to your Matric Dance and the one you admired from a distance because he belonged to someone else.
I find myself thinking of these moments in my life as I am wrestling with sleep in a foreign place.

And then there is you....

I am happy and life is wonderful and I am in love and my heart is truly full, so why do you creep into the cracks of wakefulness?

Is it possible that a chord is silently attached when we give ourselves into a moment of connection and unconditional love? And as we journey through the space and time of this world we still feel the tug of that attachments when we least expect it, when our consciousness is fading as we lay our heads to rest?

There is you...and just as fleetingly, gone.

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