Friday, January 27, 2017

Focused attention shifts energy....(an alternative way of looking at our political situation...maybe?)

There are many articles, blogs etc. written regarding energy and focused energy. Articles explaining that where we focus our energy/attention is where and how we create our experiences.

I say all that to say this and to draw your attention to this...
                                  Isn't it time to stop focusing on the fact that Hillary lost the election, on what could have been or what we assume could have been?

The truth is that it is time to focus on being better than we were yesterday. Embrace the change and be who you wish your politicians were. If you hate what they say and do then say and do better. Focusing on what's wrong will keep drawing energy and attention to all that is wrong. You chose where your attention goes - you chose how to act and how to present yourself and be.

If you do not like something then figure out why you do not like it and what it is exactly that you do not like and change it within yourself and if it's external then maybe you need to change your perception of it. It all really starts and ends with you.
As Ghandi said: "Be the change you wish to see in the world"
Stop complaining and start doing.
By focusing on hatred, bigotry, racism etc. you are just creating more of it.

Start focusing on love, on gratitude. Start teaching yourself and those around you tolerance, compassion and kindness by being and practicing it. Focus on what you desire and on love and create a tidal wave of desirability and love. This is how positive change happens and NOT by bitching and moaning about all that is wrong.

AND as always flows where attention goes.

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