Sunday, November 22, 2015

Navigating the holidays with food sensitivities

The holidays are such a fun time filled with parties, food and fun. For most of us there are very little concerns as to what our hosts' will be serving.

For those with food sensitivities, the holiday season can be daunting and filled with anxiety. Do you eat at home before you go to the cocktail party or luncheon? Do you take your own food? Will I be paying for this later and do I run the risk of offending my host?

Fortunately Metagenics developed a digestive enzyme formula for those of us with gluten sensitivities..(I find that it also helps when I am exposed to some dairy too)  If you are concerned that some of the food Aunt Mary is serving may have something with wheat or gluten mixed into her special dish, then taking some SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest with your meal may just alleviate the stress your GI system and body endures when consuming these offending substances. You no longer have to be the "gluten nazi" interrogating everyone about every bit of their food preparations.

It is not recommended to use the enzyme and continue to eat gluten (or minimal dairy) if you are reactive to them but rather to aid your body, should you be exposed to these offenders unknowingly or if you suspect there may be a chance of it being present in your meal when eating out.

Gluten Is Everywhere

Gluten concerns are on the rise. Estimates of the number of individuals with gluten sensitivities vary widely. However, those individuals with sensitivities report relief of symptoms when maintaining a gluten-free diet. Unfortunately, there are many hidden sources of gluten—making it difficult to be “gluten free.” According to a recent consumer research survey, 1 in 3 US adults are reducing gluten consumption or avoiding it completely.

Gluten has finally met it's match.

SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest is a targeted protease enzyme supplement formulated to promote the breakdown of gluten proteins in the stomach in order to support healthy digestion of wheat, barley, rye grains, and other gluten sources.

This advanced formula features Tolerase® G:

  • Naturally occurring, unique, proline-specific endoprotease isolated from Aspergillus niger
  • Shown to help break down gluten proteins in humans, in vitro, and in a gastrointestinal model
  • Active in the acidic stomach environment
  • Clinically demonstrated to break down gluten before it reaches the small intestine, which is     key to supporting health outcomes

Patient Benefits:

  • Promotes healthy digestive function
  • Designed to offer a more reliable and efficient approach for gluten digestion support
  •  Provides digestive support for those avoiding dietary gluten 

Reference - NPD Group. Percentage of U.S. adults trying to cut down or avoid gluten in their diets reaches new high in 2013. Available at Accessed March 17, 2015.

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