Friday, February 20, 2009

Choices or resolutions?

Here are a few thoughts that I have chosen to help me stay on track this year....I have resolved to remember them.

I choose to live by inspiration and assume a neutral position. This helps keep us out of judgement of self and others and allows us to view any given situation clearly and for what it is. It allows us to bring new energy into our world and navigate from the heart.

" We judge of nothing more hastily than people's character: and yet nowhere should we be more cautious." - Georg Lichtenberg-

I love those words and keep reminding myself of them on a regular basis. I, like everyone, have done this on occasion and have more than once felt very foolish in the end. I now choose to allow people to surprise me with who they are and how they respond to life.

I resolve to keep improving to remember to remember!!

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