Saturday, May 18, 2019

unconditional love and gratitude...

So, there I was planning my day and deciding to make my lovely husband one of his favorite meals and preparing a fire for the deck. I thought it would be nice to get the Salmon soufflé in the oven and start the fire on the deck for when he gets home.

He has been busy working and schmoozing at a seminar all day. I was whipping the egg whites when it dawned on me, as I spotted the little red dot in the egg whites, the perfect example of unconditional love. (organic free range eggs of course)
The chicken sacrificed her baby for my survival. And that little unborn chick gave its life for me.

It made me think about the love a parent has for their child and the sacrifices they would make for the wellbeing and life of that child. Such unconditional love is given to us each and every day, by mother nature...
Animals and plants give of themselves freely everyday for our survival. For us to thrive. Trees grow and give off oxygen daily for s to be bale to breathe. Mother nature never asks for anything but does rely on our love to nature and protect her just like she natures and protein its us regardless of how we abuse her. Regardless of our appreciation or not.

I am grateful for all living organisms on this planet that gives of their energy so that I MAY THRIVE and live a healthy happy life.
I strive to give so unconditionally to enhance the lives and energy on this beautiful planet.

This moment of clarity fills me with gratitude and unconditional love for life and all living things.

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