Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Emotional Wellbeing...

What is emotional wellbeing and what does it look like for you? It is an interesting question to ponder and our health has become very dependent on emotional wellbeing.
More and more research is now linking our emotions to our overall health.

Emotional wellbeing is all about digesting our emotions and feelings in a healthy way. It is not about suppressing how we feel or avoiding our emotions. Our emotions are also linked to our thoughts and beliefs, and I say this because in many situations what we think and believe will trigger an emotional response. These emotional responses may not always be positive and when a belief system or though pattern in held for long enough it become imprinted in our cells.

We need to detoxify from our negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs just like we must detox from harmful chemicals, to obtain and maintain perfect health. Holding on to old grudges or emotions does extensive harm to your biology and physiology.

Many of our emotions and wounds and belief systems are formulated in childhood by our experiences and they tend to shape our lives. Some do so immediately, offering us challenges to overcome and builds character in the process,  and some take many years to surface. Usually in adulthood when our close relationships help to bring out the deepest aspects of ourselves. This is when deeply suppressed childhood wounds may make themselves known in a call for healing.

In adulthood issues of trust and abandonment and co-dependancy (to name a few) come up,  we may also find ourselves mirroring actions form our past instinctively.  It is then that we consider our emotional wellbeing and are in a position to nurture and heal our inner child. We have the power within us to be the loving parent or guardian we needed as a child. We are whole spiritual beings and we can nurture ourselves from that wholeness.

It is important to recognize the wounds and old emotions/patterns coming up and working toward healing/resolving them. We can visualize the situation and try on different outcomes. Using our wisdom born from age and experience we may be able to view them form a different perspective, bringing new understanding and being able to free ourselves from the hold they may have on us.

Life offers us many opportunity to clear the weeds in the garden of our soul (as Madisyn Taylor says)
Clearing these weeds are not always easy or comfortable and choosing to ignore them or find easier ways to move through life means these wounds continue to drain our energy and emotional wellbeing. They destroy the beauty and resilience of our garden. They corrupt the soil.

Sometimes we need to turn to a trainer professional to assist us in facing the events of the past, to weeding and clearing our souls garden. They can offer us tools and support through different healing modalities. Remember the child we were still lives on within us and we are always free to go and love and nurture that child and correct mistakes, perceptions, right old wrongs and forgive, thus beginning anew.

I highly recommend healing the wounds and recreating a life you desire with emotions, thoughts and feelings that support your dreams. You have the power within you to change your world and change your internal vibration to support overall health and wellbeing. Your thoughts and feelings become the things you manifest in your world. They attract the people and events in your life. Your life and it's creation is totally within your power and absolutely your responsibility.

There are a few books that I recommend that shed some light on how your emotions affect your cells and health...Molecules of Emotion by Candice Pert, Biology of belief by Bruce Lipton (to name just a few)

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