Monday, July 23, 2018 you truly have it?

Integrity has been a huge learning curve for me and really defining what it, is the key. There are many of us that do not know or practice true integrity and the reason may be that we do not know ourselves or really pay attention to our word and the creations that come from that.

Even the definition of Integrity in the dictionary does not cover the true scope of it.

Here's what I have learned and continue to practice about integrity. It is a matter of your word. Nothing more and nothing less......
(the teachings at Landmark and my Body and Brain yoga practice has really helped me integrate this fully)

There are tow aspects of Integrity - Keeping your word and honoring your word.

Keeping your word consists of the following:

  • Doing what you know to do...That is taking responsibility for your self and doing your job, or tasks to the best of your ability. Attending meetings and games and events you committed to.
  • Being on time and respecting the time of others.
  • Doing what you said you would do...on time and joyfully.
  • Doing what others would expect you to do even if you haven't said you would do in a marriage...sharing the chores, taking out the trash, changing diapers, doing the dishes or cleaning your space. In relationships....treating the other person with respect and being honest, taking responsibility for your own emotions and being on time for plans together. When attending courses or continuing education...doing your work, paying attention and treating the presenters/lecturers with respect, and being on time.
  • Doing complete work with whatever you do.....don't half ass it and expect other to pick up the slack or expect them to accept it.
  • Doing what you do as it was meant to be done.
  • Being your word...fulfilling on your commitments, on time and whole heartedly, and when not possible honoring your word.
Honoring your word is:

Whenever you will not be keeping your word and you become aware of the fact (including not keeping your word on time) sharing the following with everyone impacted:

  1. That you will not be keeping your word and how you will keep your word in future and by when and how...or that you will not be keeping your word at all.
  2. And what you will do to deal with the impact the failure to keep your word (or keeping it on time) has on others.
And when not keeping your word you can restore Integrity by acknowledging your promise or agreement/commitment that you broke and letting them know that you understand the impact that had on the situation or circumstance. Then express what it is that you will do in future to prevent yourself from breaking another promise or agreement/commitment.

These actions will ensure trust and accountability with you and towards you in all your future endeavors and relationships.

The world is lacking in Integrity and it affects how well things work and how well a business, organization and country runs. It affects relationships, and the workability thereof, it basically affects everything and everyone in life.

Some may even define Integrity as sincerity...being sincere in how you present and walk through the world. Be the person who you know you and everyone can always count on because you are your word and you honor your word. Be sincere in your expression and creation in life.

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