Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We attract our reality through our feelings...

I was once again reminded by this fact recently, during a radio interview....

Often people or clients tell me that they didn't attract the accident or the fall or various other incidents in their life and I have to respond with, umm, yes, yes you did.

And here is why I believe this to be true. Not only because of movies like The Secret and Down the Rabbit Hole and the Law of attraction, but because I have seen it manifest in my life more often than not. (I do believe in the law of attraction)

I give you one example of this: I was getting divorced and decided to go out for the evening with a few friends. At the beginning of the evening we decided that I will be the sober cab. Many of you know that it means if you are going to drink, have a few at the beginning of the evening and then just drink water. Well, I decided to do that but did not stop drinking early enough and had water towards the end of the evening. By the time we were ready to leave,  I felt fine to drive and did so. After speeding slightly, I was pulled over and failed a sobriety test, even though I was on the limit. I was hauled off in the back of a police vehicle and had to leave my drunk friend stranded on the side of the road.
This was soooooo embarrassing and I asked myself why did I attract this into my life?
I had a few hours to ponder this sitting in the police department. I started by looking at how the situation made me feel. I was deeply ashamed and looked back at how often and how intensely I have been feeling shame.
It is interesting when you do this, because a million different moments sprang into my consciousness.
I was sexually abused as a child and this made me feel ashamed for most of my childhood years, then I was raped as a teenager, add more shame. In my 20's I was in an abusive relationship, add even more shame. Now add the divorce (failed marriage) and all my choices that created that. More shame, add to that, disappointing my friend by not being a reliable sober cab...shame upon shame...( You see how that works?)

Now at the age of 40, the Universe was giving me the opportunity to look at my predominant underlying feelings and emotions about myself so that I could finally let it go, change my vibration, shift the energy, attract something new and more beneficial. The shame of a DUI at this age was a gift and a huge wake up call. Enough is enough my world was saying to me.

It was a wonderful AHA moment for me and made me feel a lot better about the DUI and my life. I chose right there and then that shame had played too much of a role in shaping the events of my life and I was ready to let it go. Ready to send the blame back to those who deserved it and take responsibility for my own feelings.

So, when an event happens and you find yourself having a pity party, ask yourself how this event makes you feel? Are you angry, full of fear, frustrated, feeling hopeless? And how often have you been feeling like this?  Can you see how the Universe just brings to you another situation in which to  feel the same way?

There are many ways to shift our emotions and heal old traumas and sometimes, we need the help of practitioners to aid us in delving deeper and clearing old patterns of belief that can create and perpetuate some of our emotions. I never hesitate to call on my own little arsenal of helpers when I myself cannot quite clear things.

Please pay attention to how you feel and the emotions that dominate your life for they are attracting the event and situation you find yourself in. They may even be attracting your current relationships. So, if you are unhappy check in with yourself and if life is awesome, keep feeling those wonderful feelings.

Be happy, stay healthy and feel the love.

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