Sunday, July 27, 2014

Know no limits...

Why do trees and plants grow through rocks and cement?

Because they can and nobody told them they couldn't and isn't it all just energy?
Imagine if no one ever told you about limitations, if all you knew was energy and boundless possibilities, that everything is possible because energy cannot be destroyed only changed.

Maybe the little seeds match their vibrations to the rock and together they create the possibility of growth and change. They change what is solid into what is fluid and malleable?
And if there is no one to perceive it as a rock, is it still a rock? The seedling doesn't believe it is and so it just keeps on growing and becoming what it was meant to be.

When we change our perceptions and release all limitations and the beliefs that were imposed on us and that we bought into, keeping us stuck, we could grow and change into the power and beings we were meant to be. The possibilities are limitless as are we.

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